In 2023, access to the undressing neural network was opened, which is capable of generating any nudes; find out more information about it in the post below. 

How does a nudity application work?

The application at copes well with its main purpose – it undresses girls perfectly, providing realism that is pleasing to the eye. Overall, it does not offer any unusual services or options. The artificial intelligence interface is as simple and clear as possible: the user can select preferences in several categories and, in a couple of minutes, will receive a finished image.

It is a simple service that only needs to say “undress the girl”, and it will execute the command very quickly. Of course, there are not enough functions, but the photo processing is more than decent. Coins are used as internal currency, which can be earned through referrals or advertising.

The analysis of neural network for undressing

The neural network for undressing was “trained” to generate nudes by viewing and processing a huge amount of nude content. It works according to the next principle – it analyzes the reference picture and generates an image based on the text message, model and selected parameters.

The neural network at is based on stable diffusion algorithms. The processed photos can be almost perfect, but there may be problems associated with drawing a third breast or an extra finger. The first defect may even appeal to a fan of the movie Total Recall. Often, you have to try different algorithms to get a satisfactory result.

Currently, you can generate photos by yourself, look at the feed of already created nudes, and filter them according to the necessary criteria. Choose the best artificial intelligence art generator that turns photos into works of art.

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